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If I was to try to describe my philosophy on coaching golf, it would simply be that……………. I believe that everyone has the ability to play the game. The notion that to play the game well simply requires great talent is something that I must confess I have seen little evidence of. What I do know to be true however is that to achieve a measurable level of success in any endeavor will always require application, guidance, opportunity, some talent, and a great deal of tenacity.

Contrary to popular belief, coaches can never create a golf swing out of nothing. What I know they do is to develop a pupil’s potential to the point where others may start to believe that what they see, recognize, and characterize is…..simply natural talent. I have spent over 30 years teaching the game in a number of countries around the world, and in that time I have managed to accumulate a wealth of experience and knowledge that now enables me to develop and improve your game to a point that perhaps you previously might have thought was beyond you.

Coaching at its best should be a process that involves working towards what must always be an ever moving destination, and any true development is only ever possible when the pupil concerned understands that the joy is always in the journey, never the destination.

It was the great Bob Torrance who once said that in coaching the trick was “to help a player to strengthen what was weak without weakening what is strong”. I have always identified with that phrase as I believe it to be so true, and coincidently perhaps my biggest strength is my ability to identify quickly what a golfer does well, what they find difficult, and most significantly why. I have never believed in lessons for lessons sake. I like to work on programs of development that can accommodate intelligently scheduled lessons, with adequate practice time, and a pro-active mentoring process that achieves and then supports sustainable improvement. I enjoy working with clients that are realistic about their goals, and are willing to wholeheartedly commit to the development program that my experience suggests will achieve the quickest results for them.

My best piece of advice for any golfer…….
Remember a quick fix is exactly that……….a quick fix, it can never be a long term resolution to any golfing problem, and as for tips, well isn’t that something to do with horse racing?

“I have worked with Roger for over 7 years, and in that time he has never made any prediction about my game that did not prove to be 100% accurate. His passion for his work is incredible, and the belief he has in all of his pupils is quite extraordinary. Maria Dunne – 3 times Leinster Ladies Champion, Irish International.
I have known Roger ever since he came to Ireland in 1993 and the improvements I have seen him make to players of all levels in that time, in my view, makes him an outstanding golf coach. His professional approach to everything that he does made him an obvious candidate to work with us and our clients at European Design Company Ltd. Lawrence Flood – European Design Company Ltd

“I like to keep in contact with all my pupils, and keep them up to date with any new ideas in coaching, equipment news, or general news from the world of golf. I find the easiest way by far is with my monthly newsletter, so if you are not already receiving a copy then why not sign up now, and stay in the loop?

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